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You have got the passion
Sports Potential lies in you
Feel the thrilling effect of your sports matches
Let Legend Fantasy bring you some juice
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Countless Contests For You

Calm down before the match starts.
It's important to choose the game you like so think twice about which contests you are going to join.
Legend Fantasy has Cricket, Football, and NBA for you to join.
No matter who you are, where you are, or what you are doing; only 5 steps can play the game by clicking with fingers.
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Only 5 Steps
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Match Data & Play Info

Don't be afraid, don't shrink away.
You can enjoy the game by joining the contest without knowing or understanding the matches or players.
Legend Fantasy provides very bountiful real-time info in the game. This info can help you effectively create a strong team.
Through the info, you can recruit the player you've already known, or know more about the player you never heard of.
Know or not to know, Legend Fantasy has it all.
Not only provides the basic info of the players, but sorts up all the players' recent performance for you to manage your team easily.

Pro Prediction Article for Sports Lovers to Deep Down the Matches

Besides the bountiful real-time info, Legend Fantasy also invites sports lovers across the board to assist in writing prediction and analysis articles for sports matches.
See how they display the passion for sports by texts.

Play today, play the best, Enjoy even in rest
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Slack off during Work
5 mins in toilet? Can Play.
Work overtime to evening.
5 mins to Bed time? Can Play.
Take care 3 children.
Take a break for 5 mins? Can Play
Not in your country?
You can play wherever you are.
Legend Fantasy doesn't have Geo limitation.

No matter you are senior players or leisure gamer
All can enjoy the fun of sports

If you want to become legend, Legend Fantasy is a fine choice for you to showcase your leadership talent. If you like be leisure and lurking in the game, then enjoy the moment of your gameplay.
No matter what you would like to achieve in the game, Legend Fantasy will provide you a free and diverse space.

Gift your busy life a choice

Perhaps you embrace a dream of sports once. Show on the match to become spotlight. Enjoy the on-site shining light and audience's applause falls on you, but you face the cruelty of life and lose the dream due to physical insufficiency or crunch time on the work. Maybe, there's another way to compensate the sense of regret.

Different way to pour out
your passion of sports spirits inside

You are the leader of highlight players. Guide them as team, and head toward the legend.

Game Features:

  • Join a fantastic and thrilling match in person by paying around the price of one egg.
  • No disturbing game notification, you can choose and follow the match you like by subscribing it.
  • Play with your friends to share the reward.
  • Combine real matches with game event

There are more secrets and surprises for you to discover.

Supplement Strategy:
Make You Closer to Legend

  • You can adjust your team players before the match starts in 10 mins. Choose the starting player and earn more points for your team.
  • Game guide for you to increase your win rate.
  • Provide professional prediction and analysis articles.

More supplement strategies update constantly.

Imagine the joy and taste of victory
The achievement and glory will lies in your heart to grant you confidence.

Join Legend, Become Legend.
Make you closer to the world of sports.

Legend Fantasy brings you
bountiful choices and endless imagination
Now It's time to create your dream team