Potential Teams to Final at PSL2024

PSL (Pakistan Super League) is a league tournament highlighted in Pakistan. It is like the IPL (Indian Premier League)in India. It was started by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in 2015. This yearPSL is going to have its ninth season. HBL (Habib Bank Limited) is the title sponsor of it. This year a total of 6 teams are participating in it. NamelyIslamabad United, Karachi Kings, Lahore Qalandars, Multan Sultans, Peshawar Zalmi, and Quetta Gladiators. It is a fantasy match that is so popular inPakistan. It is in a T20 format that is similar to the IPL in India. Cricket fans don't discriminate between the games in terms of country or anything. SoPSL is also very popular all over the world. It is being watched in every nook and corner. Cricket fans enjoy the matches. Even in India cricket fans enjoy it so much.

Today in this article we will talk about PSL2024 as well as Potential teams that can be in the final in PSL. So all cricket lovers, let's look into the article to know more about it.

Why is PSL getting popular?

Fantasy and league matches are going to be crazy ones. Whether it's IPL or PSL all leagues are equally being enjoyed by cricket fans. So what makes it different from other formats of cricket? Well, it's an exciting, thrilling, and short form of cricket that makes it entertaining. Going to be so exciting nowadays with the concept of fantasy matches, it is going to be popular like anything. Also to participation ofdifferent countries' players in it makes it more interesting to watch. This year PSL is in running mode and it is in eliminator mode where a win can helpyou to be in the final as well as a loss can kick you out. So as a cricketlover, we always want to know who can be the finalist and which team can seethe title so we will be talking about this.

PSL winners  at a glance

As we have earlier discussed, the PSL started a long time ago. It was started in 2015 and to date, the excitement for the fans has been increasing year by year. If you talk about the winners. TheLahore Qalandars have dominated the Pakistan Super League; it has secured the top position numerous times, winning by securing back-to-back championships in2022 and 2023. However, this year is not so good for the team, as they were eliminated earlier. They secured the last position in 6 teams. This marks a significant turnaround for the team, which was previously known for winning the finals.Under the leadership of Shaheen Shah Afridi, the Qalandars have displayed exceptional talent and fabulous gameplay. However, their consecutive wins are not secure this time.

Talking about other teams, Multan SultansQuetta gladiators Peshawar Zalmi have secured one-time title winners so far.While the Karachi Kings have also won the title one time.

PSL this year so far?  

This year PSL league matches were so entertaining and now it is in the position of eliminator and qualifier. This is going to happen between 14 to 18th of March and 4 teams are available for it.The first qualifier match was played between two top teams in the leaderboard:Peshawar Zalmi and Multan Sultans. This match was played on 14 March and it was won by Multan Sultans by 7 wickets and booked the ticket for the final.Peshawar Zalmi scored 146 runs and in reply, Multan easily scored 147 runs with the loss of 7 wickets. They chased the score with 9 balls remaining. NowPeshawar Zalmi will fight with the eliminator 1 Islamabad United and QuettaGladiators winner. The winner will fight in the final with the Multan Sultans.

Who can be the finalist?

Final matches are always exciting to watch.Every fan wants to see their team in the final and ultimately wants a win. This year it's going to be a crazy one. Each team looks fantastic and equally competitive each one. But ultimately as we know only two teams can go to the finals. But which team has more chances? Well, the answer is not so easy, not so hard. If you look at the trend till now we can sort these two teams that have more chances of being in the finals. The teams are Multan Sultans andPeshawar Zalmi.

As the playoffs are going on, it's easy to guess which team can be in the final but what about the final match? Who can be the title winner? Well, this is also an interesting and difficult one to guess.But If we talk about Statistics and past performances one team can be the best choice if it. This team has more chances of seizing the PSL trophy this year.Which one? Let's see

Who can seize the PSL trophy?  

PSL is in final mode. Now Finally two teams will fight for a final match where the winner will decide. But who can be the final winner who will seize the trophy? Well, the answer is not simple but we are totally in the probability that Multan Sultan can be the winner. They are in superb form, they have witnessed two wins consecutively in the last two matches. They are already placed in the final. One good match can help them to seize the trophy. Although there are near equal chances for other teams too.After the qualifier, other finalists will also be decided. Till then our Multan Sultan is the favorite as they have already been in the final.

So all cricket lovers don't lose hope if your team is in the eliminator and also don't be disheartened if your team is out of the qualifier earlier. As we all know cricket is a game of unpredictability where anything can happen, the one who plays a good match will be the one who wins the match. Also many times some luck factors work.

Also as a cricket fan just enjoy the match without thinking about the result.

Concluding the above

Here is the end of our article folks. We hope you enjoyed it a lot. PSL is an entertaining cricketing event. And now the eliminator is going on. Every fan's eyes are waiting to see their favorite team win the trophy. As a cricket fan, we all know that not every team can win the final. But supporting cricket and cricket sportsmanship is important. So whether your team qualifies or not just enjoy the match. Enjoy the game and soon. PSL is a cricketing event that we all like due to some clashes that we like so much. So enjoy it with popcorn. Who do you think will be in the final and who can be the possible winner? Just comment down your views. We will meet soon with another interesting article that will talk about this beautiful game.

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