PSL final match: who can be the Title Winner?

PSL final match: who can be the Title Winner?

PSL (Pakistan Super League) is going to be finalised soon. The final match will be played on the 18th of March 2024 between Multan Sultans and Islamabad United. Both teams are led by Mohamad Rizwan and Shabad Khan respectively. All cricket fans are excited and everybody wants to know who is going to seize the PSL trophy this year. Is it Multans or Islamabad United? No one knows but everybody wants to know. All PSL 2024 matches were superb, fans are enjoying every match and now they are waiting for the final. The last two years were not good for Multan Sultan as they lost the final in these two years. Here in this article, today we will try to find out who the possible winner is, so let's start without wasting any time.

Final day schedule and so on

As we all know, the final will be played on the 18th of March between Multan Sultans and Islamabad United. Both teams are super excited and fans are also so excited to watch their team fighting for the trophy but as we all know only one team can win the final. The final will be played in the National Stadium Karachi. The final is placed on Monday. And for this reason, we all want this Monday. Let us look at the performance of both teams so far in this series. Later we will talk about both teams' performance throughout the year. So let's focus on the article and try to know who can be the winner.

Both teams' performance so far

Both teams Multan Sultans and Islamabad United have performed well throughout the series. Their ballers as well as Bateman have played significantly. They are looking more confident and full of energy. Talking about Multan Sultans they have won their last 2 matches and are superb fans. Their captain MD Rizwan and star player of Multans, Usman Khan have placed themselves in second and third position in most run-scored players. Rizwan has scored 381 runs in 11 matches. Usman Khan looks more dangerous he has scored a whopping 373 runs in just 6 matches. Bowlers of Multans are also in the form of Usama Mir and Mohamad Ali leads the most wicket-taker ballers by taking 23 and 18 wickets respectively in 11 matches.

However, in stats, Shabad Khan's lead Islamabad United is not looking so good. Although they have won their last four matches. This shows their aggression and they will try to win the final too. The team is looking balanced and bowlers as well as batsmen are performing well match by match. Islamabad United will perform their best performance so that they can win their second PSL trophy this year. They have been waiting since 2018 to win their second PSL trophy.

Both team's past performances (throughout the year)

Multan Sultan this year also qualified for the final. This is 3 times in a row for them. They have been booking the seat of final since 2022, Last year they played the final against Lahore qualandars but they missed the match by Just one run. In the final Lahore Qualandars made 200 runs in a loss of 6 wickets and in reply, Multans made 199 runs and lost the match by just one year. In season 2022, they also lost the final against the same Lahore Qalandars. This year Multan will try to convert their match into a winning match and seize the trophy. However this year they have to face the final against Islamabad United.

Islamabad United won the PSL in the 2018 season. Since then they have never been in the final. This year they are in the final and they will try their best to win the match and seize the trophy. However, it is not so easy to win against Multan Sultan as they are in the best form. Although Islamabad United is looking dangerous as they have won their last four matches in a row without any defeat. Their bowler and batsman are playing well and they will equally compete with the Multan Sultans team. Now let us take a comparison of both teams in respect of this year's performance.

Multan Sultans Versus Islamabad United: Who is dominating?

Both teams are dominating each other and they have played wonderful matches throughout the tournament. That's why they are in the final. However, if you check the fantasy it is clear that Multan Sultans are very frequent in the final. Multan Sultan landed in the final for the third time in a row. Islamabad United have not shown a very good history but this year they are in very good form. So this final is going to be a blockbuster. As cricket fans, we can expect some wonderful games this Monday.

Every week we don't want to face Monday as this is the first day of the week and we have to start our work from this day. But this Monday is different and we all are waiting for it. Both teams are looking best but the one who performs well in the final will be the one who wins this PSL 2024 trophy. But what's the possibility and who can be the winner? Well, we are going to answer this in the following subheadings.

Who can be the winner? (What the Possibility)

It is never easy to guess the winner in any game and cricket is also so hard to guess. As it is a game of uncertainty. Although it is clear that Multan Sultans are the favourite of most of us. As they have played so many good matches this year. Also, this is not the first time they are in the final. This is 3 times when they are in the final. There are high chances that Mohamad Rizwan’s lead Multan Sultan will win the PSL 2024 trophy. Although the 2018 season winner Islamabad United has also favourite many of us. However, as a prediction purpose, our team has a green signal for Multan Sultan and we thought they would win the final and seize the PSL 2024 trophy. All in one wait for a day and you will  get to know who is the winner for PSL 2024.


The final is here, we are a few hours away from the final match. Very soon it will be decided which team will lift the trophy of PSL 2024. Till then all we can do is just wait for the match time. Try to enjoy the Match like none before. Have a popcorn and enjoy the match as finals are more interesting and more entertaining than any other league matches. Which team do you think will win the final match either Multans Sultan or Islamabad Qalandars? comment your views in the comment section. We will meet soon with more exciting cricketing events. Till then take care and enjoy the match.

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