Date: 2024 May 6th to May 19th
Game Rule:

Every 2 weeks we will publish one bingo card, each column will be filled with a special entry fee.You may find those entry fees in some IPL matches, and if you join that specific entry fee contest, you are eligible to cross ❌ that box.

And just like any other bingo, 3 ❌ makes one line. And we are rewarded with each line you completed. The special entry fee contests will show up randomly in the matches, and we will announce it in the Chatroom whenever it starts.

Keep an eye on the Chatroom announcements and be sure you don’t miss any chances to join the party!

Reward Coins
Terms and Conditions:
  • You can’t cross check the box in different bingo sheets.
  • We will announce the bingo bonus winner list 5 days after the bingo closes.
  • The winner lists will be published on Legend Fantasy Official Facebook page and be notified via emails individually.
  • Event period: 2024 March 22nd to May 26th (GMT+8)
  • First Bingo Date: 2024 March 22nd to April 7th (Winner announced at April 12th)
  • Second Bingo Date: 2024 April 8th to April 21th (Winner announced at April 26th)
  • Third Bingo Date: 2024 April 22nd to May 5th (Winner announced at May 10th)
  • Final Bingo Date: 2024 May 6th to May 19th (Winner announced at May 24th)
  • All prizes will be sent no later than May 31st.
  • Coins Bingo contests are not eligible to join with ruby offset.
Event Rule:

Look for the specific “Mega Bonus” contest from the above matches, join with your most confident team lineup.

1 account can only join each contest once, meaning you can only participate in the contest with 1 team. In cases where a user has created multiple accounts to enter the contest or has been reported by other players, it will be considered a violation of the fair entry rules and a breach of the game policy.As a result, the reported player will not be eligible for the prize, and all related accounts will be permanently banned.

We do not tolerate any cheating actions. If we discover any players attempting to take advantage of the event, Legend Fantasy reserves the right to terminate the event and revoke the prize.